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Grant Season 2019

Congratulations to the following grant winners:





Final Grant Cost


OT Bag of Tricks

Katherine Cook

The purpose of this grant would be to provide each classroom at TES (Lower Elementary School, PreK-2) with a variety of sensory tools for students to access to promote attention, engagement, and participation throughout the school day.



Seat Cushions

Sheri Balzotti

We would like to provide our students with more comfortable, sensory seating for their chairs and/or the floor.



Speech and Language Intervention

Melissa Ruggieri 

Purpose:  To integrate modern technology through the use of Apple iPads and App use into daily speech and language therapeutic sessions occurring in both the small group setting and whole class environment.   



Enhancing the THS Weight Room: Fitness Cable Machine

Gianna Bensaia

The student body and staff of THS would benefit from an updated weight room as a way to enhance the overall image and mentality of Fitness. Regardless of ability level, students will be able to find the weight room more safe, approachable, and accessible.



Chorus/Musical Theatre Class Piano

Sarah Martin

Chorus/Musical Theatre Class Piano



Coding for Augmented  & Virtual Reality using Cospaces and Merge Cubes

David Messina

Funding this grant would open up new avenues to encourage students to learn how to code. Increasing students knowledge in coding can provide them a better understanding of the technology around them as well as having an important job skill for the future.




Virtual Reality in the World Language Classroom (Virtual Fieldtrips)

sarah silva

This grant will provide virtual reality headsets for the World Language Departments at the Middle and High School. This will allow the use of technology in the classroom and give students access to first-hand experiences of the many Latinx cultures. Ultimately, this would aid in fostering an enriched, global environment.



Virtual Reality Pilot Program

sarah silva Shelby Gauvin Derek Piper

This grant will provide virtual reality headsets for the World Language Departments at the Middle and High School., as well as for the Science Department at the Middle school.


Attention Tyngsboro Business Owners and Residents:

As the Education Foundation for Tyngsborough grows its fundraising capability, we will be able to award more grants to our public school district. In the meantime, there will always be more worthy requests than we can support. Individuals and businesses are welcome to directly fund grant requests they believe are worthy of support.

If you are interested in fully funding a specific educational grant (the grant would then be named in you business' honor) and would like to review the grant applications, please contact President Theresa Manning at

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