Grant Program

Grant Season 2018

The 2018 Grant Application Season will begin January 15th. This year we are once again offering a Microsoft Word application form. If you do not have access to Microsoft Word, please contact us for an alternative application form.

The Education Foundation for Tyngsborough is a non-profit organization striving to enhance educational opportunities across Tyngsborough's Public School District by raising funds and promoting awareness of issues related to public education. After seven grant cycles, we are pleased to report that the EFT has awarded over $180,000 in awards to the Tyngsborough Public Schools.

We are now pleased to announce the beginning of our ninth grant cycle. If you are considering a new, innovative program to enrich the education of your students we encourage you to apply for a grant.

Attention Tyngsboro Business Owners and Residents:

As the Education Foundation for Tyngsborough grows its fundraising capability, we will be able to award more grants to our public school district. In the meantime, there will always be more worthy requests than we can support. Individuals and businesses are welcome to directly fund grant requests they believe are worthy of support.

If you are interested in fully funding a specific educational grant (the grant would then be named in you business' honor) and would like to review the grant applications, please contact President Theresa Manning at

Please review the Grant Overview Document

2018 Grant Application for Microsoft Word.  Please send your application in Word format if possible.

Past Awards:

2009 - 2016 Grant Awards