TPS Wish List

Budget reductions have made it impossible for our Tyngsborough Public Schools to meet equipment and supply needs across our schools. Community members and local businesses have the opportunity to review the following wish list to see if there is a wish they believe they can grant.

You have the option to grant a wish on your own or be part of a group that wishes to pool their funds to grant a wish. The Foundation would be glad to facilitate your donation either way. Please contact us and let us know your wishes. Remember that if you work for a company that matches employee contributions, you can double your sponsorship!

The Education Foundation was not able to fund the following grant requests made for the Spring 2013 Grant Program. We encourage individuals and businesses to take a closer look at these requests. Is there one you would be interested in fully or partially funding directly? If so, terrific! Please contact us. We will gladly help you through the process and will publicly recognize your sponsorship on our website.

Unfunded grant requests to date are:








STRIDES Document Camera/stylus

Lisa Carney, Stacy Webster

The purpose of this grant is to secure funds to purchase a document camera for each STRIDES classroom.  In addition, we would like to purchase an updated stylus for one classroom. 

Quote includes 2 Cameras and one Stylus



Mindfulness Materials

Christie Manganis, Carolyn Reichard, Nicole Young, Alyson Marcello

During the 2015-2016 school year, approximately 5 classrooms per trimester have participated in daily lessons (approximately 10-15 minutes each) focused upon the concepts of mindfulness, emotional regulation and self-control.   We would like to continue to provide this type of instruction in the 2016-2017 school year and are requesting assistance from the EFT to support this initiative.    

Quote includes Childrens books, curriculum books and "tools"



Large Conf. Room Eno Board

Kara Theall,  Brittany Ferrick, Gail Burger, Mark Turner, Shannon McNulty, Christie Manganis

 To obtain an Eno Board in the conference room for team collaboration meetings without the use of paper.

Quote includes Eno Board, projector, mounting.  Installation quoted as another $300



Social Studies Techology Cart

Deborah Teal

To provide a cart with 25 chrome books/laptops for use within the Social Studies Department.

Quote includes charging cart, 25 chromebooks, HP 401 printer, WiFi access.



Chromebooks, TMS Special Ed, LINK Program

Joshua Skinner

For students in grades 6-8 who receive support or instruction in the substantially separate LINK program at TMS

Quote includes 20 Chromebooks at $175, access point at $99, Cart at $600